On August 28, in 2002, the day of the great Orthodox holiday of Dormition of the Theotokos and Miners' Day in Macedonia, the proven businessman and philanthropist prof. dr. Vančo Čifliganec founded Adora Engineering, a company whose primary activity is construction - high-rise construction. This year, under the auspices of the internationally renowned Adora brand, it celebrated 20 years of successful business in several business spheres and different geographical areas, with a long and rich humanitarian and philanthropic tradition.

For 20 years of tireless and dedicated work, by introducing pioneering, state-of-the-art solutions and trends for safe, quality, modern and economical housing, this construction brand has built 40 representative residential and commercial buildings, raising the standards and boundaries of the regional real estate market. Adora's success is evidenced by the 400,000 square meters of the total built area of the buildings, whose solidity and stability include 170,000 m³ of concrete and 18,000 tons of reinforced iron. In more than 3,000 Adora homes, the entire city with more than 13,000 inhabitants lives and works happily today.

In addition to high-rise construction, Adora Engineering is also present in the financial and banking sectors, where it is the largest individual owner with 14.99% of the capital of the largest Macedonian bank Komercijalna banka AD Skopje, it has shares in other banks and the pharmaceutical industry, and Adora is part of the energy sector in Macedonia. The brand is also present on the real estate market in Greece with properties in attractive locations on the Aegean Sea and in the center of Thessaloniki. In Serbia, Adora Living Solutions' daughter company is completing the construction of the hotel-residential premium facility Zlatibor 21st century, which will soon open its doors in the heart of the popular, wooded Zlatibor.

Adora has a long-standing socially responsible tradition and with its foundation prof. dr. Vančo Čifliganec, invested over 5 million euros in building a better, more humane and happier world with equal opportunities for all citizens in Macedonia and Serbia, in partnership with the Novak Đokovic Foundation.

With gratitude to the huge Adora family, up to 500 employees who were and are part of the brand, to all buyers, clients and collaborators, facing with all the challenges and uncertainties of the new era, Adora Business Group boldly and visionarily announces that it will continue to affirm its motto "Only deeds are reality".