High-level cooperation between the private sector and local institutions for economic development and prosperity, said Duško Čifliganec, vice president of Adora Business Group

This year we especially need a vision of economic growth, and Macedonia 2025 summit tried to gather business elite from the country and the world, to see opportunities for the development of our small economy in the context of global events. The final panel of the summit was attended by Duško Čifliganec, Vice President of Adora Business Group, who highlighted several interesting prospects for cooperation between local institutions and the private sector, as well as foreign direct investment.

We have great potential, which is very little used. We do not need to go further, we can follow the examples from the neighbouring countries where the cooperation of the private sector and state institutions takes place at a high level. Economic development and prosperity should go hand in hand, private sector and local institutions. Municipalities and the state should invest in infrastructure and useful facilities, which will, for example, create interest in real estate among people and tourists, the private sector will satisfy that interest in new projects and will certainly pay appropriate taxes to the state, enabling a new cycle of state investment. Zlatibor in Serbia is an excellent example of this synergy. The municipality built the longest cable car in the world, and investors sold a large number of real estates, increasing the budget of the municipality through taxes - said Duško Čifliganec. Let us remind you, the international brand Adora is building a striking hotel-residential complex 21st Century Zlatibor by Adora, an investment worth 20 million euros in both directions.

At the closing of the Macedonia 2025 summit, the President of Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, addressed a welcoming speech, emphasizing that in these difficult times, the success of the Macedonian economy will depend not only on external factors that we cannot influence, but also on commitment to internal reforms.