In our newest complex 21st Century Zlatibor Residence, Spa & Wellness, which is in the final phase of construction on Zlatibor, tomorrow on September 18th, a reception day will be organized for gathering with interested buyers, for whom the facility and apartments will be open for visits. The goal of this gathering is that potential buyers can see all phases of construction right on the spot, walk through its finished and unfinished parts and see the quality of construction, design and complete furnishing of the interior of the apartment.

The hosts of this special event will be the company's director, construction site manager, architects, sales agents-consultants and other team members who are dedicated to the project. Representatives of the Adora brand will give visitors first-hand information about the 21st Century Zlatibor complex in the field of architecture, stability and all aspects of quality, such as presentation of wall composition, energy efficiency, sound insulation and other very important solutions in terms of innovation and technology, which are not visible at the first glance, but provide customers with numerous benefits and offer the comfort of home at the highest level.

Everyone who confirmed their presence at tomorrow's event at our facility on Zlatibor, which is adapted and specially secured for this event, with protective equipment accompanied by our team, will have the opportunity to see current activities such as installation, floor treatment, wall bases and facade construction.

Visitors will have the exclusive opportunity to be the first to enter the fully decorated model apartments, which will give them an opportunity to experience the interior of the apartments, according to the offered design lines, with interior equipment, starting with furniture, bedding, cutlery, and also the finest decorative elements and the smallest details.
Representatives of Adora's team will be available to answer to all their questions of visitors, both about the complex and how to obtain a housing loan and the profitability of this investment, which, through a wise decision and innovative management and rental concept, will return the invested money to the clients.

The reception day will be tomorrow (Saturday, September 18th, 2021) at 4 pm in the 21st Century Zlatibor Residence Spa & Wellness complex located in the heart of Zlatibor and is an ideal combination of luxury and nature, comfort, hedonism, top quality construction and the most modern Smart solutions. In addition to sightseeing, information and video presentations, a cocktail party will be organized as well.

As it is known, this project is being implemented by the leading Macedonian construction brand Adora Business Group, which came to the real estate market in friendly Serbia with 20 years of experience in high-rise construction, which is proved by over 400 thousand built residential and commercial buildings where 13 thousand of people work and live. Adora Business Group represents a significant part of the banking sector in Macedonia, it makes successful investments in other business areas in Europe and the Middle East, has won about 50 awards, as well as more than 5 million euros and a lot of love invested in SCR projects in Macedonia and Serbia.

Through its subsidiary in Serbia, Adora Living Solutions, the Adora brand is introducing an innovative system of smart investment in top quality real estate on the Serbian market, with the aim of raising standards on the example of developed countries.

During our 20 years of business, Adora's main motivation has always been to improve the business areas in which we operate. We came to the Serbian market, which is an extremely positive economic example in our region and beyond, where competitiveness in building construction is at a very high level with the desire to compete with strong Serbian and foreign investors, and to use our always 100% precise approach in business, with the acquired knowledge, creativity and desire to really be among the best, says Dusko Čifliganec, director of Adora Living Solutions and vice president of Adora Business Group.