The Open Balkans, at its next meeting in Ohrid, should break down barriers and allow Macedonian citizens to buy real estate in Serbia and Serbian citizens to buy real estate in Macedonia

Will the next meeting of the Open Balkans initiative, which will be held soon in Macedonia, in Ohrid, break down the current barriers and the new legislation, which is being worked on intensively in the competent ministries in both countries, finally enable Macedonian citizens to buy real estate in Serbia and the citizens of Serbia to be able to buy real estate in neighboring Macedonia, which is not possible now, due to the lack of a legal act, or due to the lack of a bilateral agreement in this area between Serbia and Macedonia.

Resolving this important issue, in the context of building a better environment for more intensive cooperation, creating a single regional market and erasing administrative barriers and borders for the free flow of citizens, goods, services and capital, was initiated by Prof. at the Open Balkans meeting in Belgrade. Dr Vančo Čifliganec, President of Adora Business Group, a well-known construction brand from Macedonia, a leader in building construction with a 20-year tradition, which has expanded its business in Serbia, investing in the real estate market on Zlatibor.

  "The Open Balkans Initiative for Easier Flow of Goods, Ideas, Capital and People encouraged Adora Business Group to invest in friendly Serbia, where we are building an innovative 21st Century Zlatibor Residence, Spa & Wellness by Adora hotel worth around 20 million euros on Zlatibor. Our focus is on building construction and the real estate market, and there is a lack of legislation that will allow Macedonian citizens to buy real estate in Serbia and vice versa, an issue I raised at the last meeting in Belgrade, and should be resolved soon, which is very important for business entities and citizens of two neighboring countries". - said prof Dr Vančo Čifliganec, General Manager of Adora Engineering in an interview with Srbtel that he was proud of the first socially responsible project in Serbia, which built a new kindergarten in the Zlatibor village of Ljubiš together with the Novak Đoković Foundation. Dr. Čifliganec also announced other investment and CSR projects in Serbia in a recent interview for the Serbian video portal Srbtel in Macedonia, in an article entitled Adora Engineering Promoter and Ambassador of the Open Balkans.

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