"Adora Living Solutions" is a member of the "Adora Business Group" and represents the most confirmed Macedonian construction brand with an international reputation in friendly Serbia. The company was founded to enable the expansion of investments and markets in high-rise construction, by building high-quality, residential and commercial buildings on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.
"Adora Solutions for Life", continues the 20-year tradition of the Macedonian leader in construction in Serbia, where it offers extraordinary real estate to the close Serbian people and citizens of the region, which incorporates great experience, wit and proven sense of Adora brand business.
With the realization of the first, innovative project in Serbia "21st Century Residence, Spa & Wellness" in the heart of beautiful Zlatibor, the company upgrades the motto of the brand Adora "20 years we do not sell m², but a warm home for a better and better life", offering an innovative concept for smart investment in real estate, which returns the invested money to the buyers.

"Adora Business Group" dates back to 1992, when the foundations were laid for the family company Adora, which has been successfully engaged in pharmacy for a decade. In the middle of 2002, by a proven entrepreneur, manager, social activist and philanthropist Prof Dr Vančo Čifliganec, the construction company "Adora Engineering"was founded, which quickly established itself in the TOP 20 of the most successful and TOP 5 fastest growing companies in Macedonia. Through 20 years of dedicated work, under the motto "Only deeds are reality", Adora has built a large number of impressive residential and business buildings with a total area of 400,000 m2, realizing investments worth over 400 million euros.

Today, over 13,000 citizens live and work happily in modern complexes signed by Adora.

Through the continuous development and improvement of building construction according to the latest trends, Adora has become synonymous with high quality, stability and revolutionary, pioneering solutions, which it was the first to implement on the Macedonian real estate market. Adora has expanded its construction business in Greece, where it has built elite holiday villa complexes in Halkidiki, as well as on the "green island" of Thassos in the Aegean Sea, where it is building an exclusive hotel with apartments.

Adora's top team of 500 builders and experts have installed more than 170,000 m2 of concrete and over 18,000 tons of reinforced iron in the stability of the built complexes.
Adora was the first in Macedonia with an artificial earthquake in 2013 (on the 50th anniversary of the earthquake in Skopje) to scientifically and practically prove the seismic safety of its residential buildings.
This brand, above all and without legal obligations, introduced energy efficient homes in 2011 and was the first in Macedonia to receive an A-class energy certificate.
When the second generation of owners, daughter Dragana and son Duško Čifliganec, joined the family business, Adora became more powerful by introducing modern standards and innovations that are the last word in technology, architecture and design in the world.
With the construction of the latest „signature“ facilities Flatiron by Adora and Diamond Garden by Adora in Skopje, this construction brand has created impressive, recognizable urban symbols in the Macedonian capital, which have raised the level of quality housing in the region.
By restructuring its business, "Adora Business Group"has expanded its business in the areas of finance, stock trading, pharmacy and organic food trade throughout Europe and the Middle East. Adora is the largest individual owner in Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje, which is the largest bank in Macedonia.

Adora has been awarded 10 international recognitions and 50 national awards for its work, and has twice been named Investor of the Year in Macedonia.

In parallel with business success, Adora's main mission is to create a better, more humane and happier world for all people equally. In that name, "Adora Business Group" and the Family Foundation of Prof Dr Vančo Čifliganec has invested more than 5 million euros in socially responsible projects (CSR).
Adora is an active member of the UN Global Compact and continuously donates and helps the community for better education, health, sports, etc.
We are proud that our CSR tradition has spread to Serbia, where "Adora Living Solutions" is the main partner of the Novak Đokovic Foundation on the project of reconstruction and adaptation of kindergartens in the village of Ljubiš, near Zlatibor, Čajetina municipality, with the aim of improving the quality of life of the youngest as the foundation of social prosperity.


We build and sell the best real estate in the field of quality building construction, with proven safety, comfort, modern style and unique design, created in accordance with the latest standards and trends on the global level.

Our priority goal is for the built residential and business buildings to be in cohesion with the micro location, in whose vision we fit, paying attention to all the details, building a balanced harmony with the environment, without disturbing the harmony of the natural environment.

In order to satisfy the wishes and needs of buyers and to be in line with the latest achievements of exterior, interior architecture and new technologies for better housing, we cooperate with renowned architecture and design studies in Europe.
Buyers receive a complete service from us according to the "key in hand" system in accordance with the contract and within the set deadline. Owners and tenants in our facilities enjoy the benefits of modern, humane, eco housing in a carefully thought-out environment, where they find their peaceful, intimate corner, away from the dynamic and tense urban everyday life.
Our goal is to contribute to the improvement and raising of the quality and value of the housing stock, bringing our region closer to the standards of the developed world.


The vision that leads us forward is to bring our 20 years of experience and affinity to construction, our first love in business where we are proven to be the best, with a confirmed reputation in Macedonia and internationally, to friendly Serbia and pass it on to the Serbian people.
The first project in Serbia „21 st Century Zlatibor by Adora” is the result of our shrewdness and sense of business, a constant desire for extraordinary, top real estate, which will return the invested money invested to the customers.
That is why we chose Serbia for the realization of our latest project in building construction, and Zlatibor is an ideal destination, created for divine mountain hedonism, which takes your breath away with its luxurious ambience and is attractive for stay, rest and recreation during all four seasons.

The philosophy of our company in Serbia,"Adora Living Solutions", is in line with the concept that we do not sell only a square meter, but a warm home for a quality life.

With the latest project in Serbia, we offer the citizens of the region, not only a complete solution for a better quality of life according to the highest standards and the most modern trends, but also the opportunity to create a profitable business with purchased apartments.
In this way, we enable the realization of our corporate motto that investing in quality real estate is the wisest decision and the smartest, most profitable investment, which is the safest currency and ensures the future of many generations.