Our work speaks for us


"Only deeds are reality" is the motto with which the business of the Čifliganec family, the construction brand „Adora” and "Adora Business Group" developed. The diligent builders of Adora have built a large number of imposing buildings in the past 20 years. Adora's philosophy is to sell not only a square meter, but warm homes for a quality life, that building homes is a highly moral and responsible act for many generations and that investing in real estate is the strongest currency for a secure future.

The brand has built 40 residential and business complexes in Skopje, Ohrid and other cities in Macedonia, as well as elite villa complexes in Halkidiki, Greece. In the stability of 400,000 m² built, more than 170,000 m³ of concrete and over 18,000 tons of reinforced iron were embedded. The Adora brand has been awarded Investor of the Year in Macedonia several times.

Adora's buildings adorn the center of the Macedonian capital, where Flatiron by Adora and Diamond Garden by Adora stand out, which redefined the view and brought a new urban charm to modern Skopje. These buildings represent the result of many years of experience, with constant improvement of construction, whose top stability has been proven by a pioneering endeavor in the form of an artificial earthquake which aimed to show the stability of the building. In addition, these buildings set high environmental standards in the form of Class A energy efficiency.

Empowered by the youthful spirit of the team of leader Duško Čifliganec, the new projects brought many innovations - an organic facade on the buildings, excellent sound insulation and sophisticated interior design, while the interior atriums abound in natural light and fresh air.


Macedonian Flatiron, a grand 60-meter residential and business complex that is a new recognizable urban symbol in the center of Skopje, with a total area of 50,000 m2, won the international award in Monte Carlo for outstanding innovation in style and quality of housing. The exterior architecture is inspired by the Flatiron Building, the urban icon of New York Manhattan, and the stylized triangular shape is the leitmotif of the interior architecture and specially designed decorative details that redifine the central atrium and business center.

Flatiron by Adora was designed in collaboration with renowned European architects in contemporary design and art deco style, where each element is deeply thought out, which redifines and gives a third dimension to the space.

The diamond garden for a green home in the Macedonian capital, with its magnificent grace, elegant exterior and interior architecture, specially designed elements and modern equipment, symbolizes the diamond structure that was the main inspiration for architects and designers. Zavar, a renowned Macedonian brand with a 30-year tradition in innovative and creative design, with whom we cooperate on the Zlatibor project, has a significant share in the realization of this authentic building of modern Skopje.

The Diamond Garden by Adora, declared to be the largest indoor residential garden in Southeast Europe, with 5.5 tons of vibrant flora, has won an international award from the World Marketing Association in Amsterdam, for introducing the Boutique Real Estate Concept in Southeast Europe.

Adora also invests in humanitarian projects with a social dimension, such as the construction of a high-quality and modernized 30,000 m2 nursing home, located near Skopje.