Duško Čifliganec at the traditional reception with Rachel Galloway, British Ambassador to Macedonia

Duško Čifliganec, Vice President of Adora Business Group and Director of Adora Living Solutions, was a guest of honor at a traditional reception hosted by Her Excellency Rachel Galloway, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Macedonia, and at the promotion of the prestigious The Economist World 2022 in Macedonian language.

The meeting at the British Residence, in addition to the representatives of the British Embassy in Skopje, was also attended by the established business elite from the top business in Macedonia. Discussions on socio-economic challenges were inevitable, as well as current topics on the pandemic, macroeconomic and energy crisis in Macedonia, the region and globally, vision and opportunities for overcoming them and developing innovations that offer success in the future.

The reception, which usually takes place at the end of the year, promoted the latest issue of the renowned British magazine The Economist "The WORLD IN 2022", the fourth most prestigious media brand in the world, which published an interview with Duško Čifliganec entitled We have a strategy to create a strategically diversified corporate portfolio in several key economic sectors.