Adora Business Group creates a buzz in the Serbian media

The Serbian public pays tribute to the efforts of the Macedonian construction leader Adora Business Group, which with its international reputation and two decades of experience in construction, competes in the real estate market in Serbia, raising standards to a higher level, introducing new solutions for life and a Smart concept for profitable investment in top real estate.

Dushko Chifliganec, Director of Adora Living Solutions and Vice President of Adora Business Group says:
“In our 20 years of work, Adora's main motivation has always been to advance the business areas in which we operate. We expanded towards the Serbian market, which is an extremely positive economic example in our region and beyond, where the competitiveness in high-rise construction is at an extremely high level, to compete with strong domestic and foreign investors and to use our always 100% reliable and precise approach to work, with the acquired knowledge, creativity and desire, to be really among the best," Dushko Chifliganec told Serbian media.

The first project that the Adora brand realizes in Serbia, is the extraordinary hotel-residential complex 21st Century Zlatibor which is in the final phase of construction in the heart of Zlatibor, the most popular Serbian tourist destination. 21st Century Zlatiboras an ideal combination of luxury, nature, top quality construction and mountain hedonism is an excellent opportunity for long-term worthwhile investment in high quality real estate which through an innovative management system returns the money invested and provides a happy future for many generations.

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